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So, I have been thinking of what to get Riley for Christmas this year. This is Riley’s first Christmas so I’ve been excited to get her fun gifts to open on Christmas morning! I am thinking that I would like to get her more educational toys. (I’m an educator so it’s not far off the mark.) I’m loving the idea of shape blocks, color sorters, and alphabet and number toys. I saw the idea of the fabric alphabet while perusing Pinterest last week and LOVED it. I’ve looked around since and there are a lot of great methods of making it happen. Here’s what I did:

I first cut out all the letters on thick card stock. There was one blog I went to where she just used fridge magnet letters, which is genius! I don’t have fridge magnets and I wanted my letters slightly larger. I used my Cricut cutter to make the letters so I could make them whatever font I wanted. (It just occurred to me now that I might have been able to try cutting the fabric on the Cricut with an extra sticky mat and a deep cut blade. Oh well! It’s done.) I used the card stock letters to trace onto my fabric. For the top piece of fabric, I used some left over from a quilt I’m making for Riley (that project is yet to come). For the bottom, I cut the letters out of an old grey T-shirt of my husband’s. I also cut the letters out of a fairly thin batting to sew between the top and bottom fabrics.

**I traced the letters on the fabric then cut about 1/8-1/4 of an inch beyond the trace line. I wanted to make sure that when I sewed them together, they were still a good size.

FullSizeRender 25.jpg

Here are the letters traced and ready to cut out of a t-shirt.


Here are the card stock letters, the batting letters, and both fabric letters all cut out.

Once I was finished cutting both sides of fabric and the middle batting for each letter, I pinned them together to prep for sewing.


Now, I completely acknowledge that I am not an expert seamstress. I can sew a skirt hem, that’s about it. I don’t have a fancy machine that will cut you a beautiful edge as you are sewing. As much as I would like to have better machinery and more refined skills, that’ll have to wait. I decided that I would go for the shabby/scrappy look on these. I used a zig-zag stitch and just sewed around the edge and cut of the extra right next to the stitch. Here’s how they ended up:


Now, I think they are pretty cute (even with their fraying edges)! I think it also shows where Riley and I were both at in this stage in our lives. I’m so excited to help my cute girl learn her letters, even if we are a year or two out! I’m proud of what I accomplished and I’m eager for her to open this gift of love on Christmas morning!


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