Halloween Decorations

Because of our move a couple months ago and our new home purchase, our decoration budget has been looking sad lately. Fortunately, my husband got me a Cricut a few years ago for Christmas! So, I can spruce up any area with festive cut-outs! 🙂 I know this is a bit late, but here are a few decorations that I made for Halloween this year:


We used to live right next to a little wood cutting shop. They always had season-themed cut outs. I nabbed these, painted them, glued paper and string! (The other side of the big one decorated for Thanksgiving since the orange pumpkin could go for either!)


These were fun to do! I just got three different sized foam cones from Michaels and white, orange, and yellow yarn/string. I wrapped the cones in the string and tied them off.


A fun banner is a great way to add some color!


I got these wood letters from some craft shop or another. I painted them and cut out cute paper to Mod Podge to the front. I also added buttons, but my middle button fell off 🙁


Corn is a great filler for glass containers. It gives it a cute fall look!


Paper cut outs!

I love decorating for holidays! Next year (when we are in our new home), Halloween is going to rock!

Happy crafting! Cheers!

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