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It was August a few years back. I was just finishing up my beloved summer holiday and ready to start my third year of teaching. I had gotten in a pretty bad habit with caffeine during the previous school year and I was determined to change! What got me on caffeine to begin with was the fact that when I am teaching and need a burst of energy or a head ache comes along, I need to get the job done fast. Caffeine was a fast-easy solution. However, it wasn’t the healthy choice. I was determined that I wanted to try out some natural methods to getting more energy.

I researched for a couple of weeks leading up to back-to-school night. I found quite a bit. One post that I read about was a girl who met a woman in her 90s that was energetic and active. When she asked her how she had all that energy she told her certain ingredients to consume every day. (I honestly cannot remember what the 3 ingredient were. I can’t even find the blog post again to reference it! I’ll keep looking and when I do I’ll update!) Anyway, googled the 3 ingredients to try and find a supplement that had everything. Amazing Grass Green Superfood came up. I read up about it and thought that I would try it. I just bought it off Amazon. (I have found it at Costco and Target since then.)


Thanks to 2-day shipping, I got my superfood supplement in no time and was ready to try it out! I mixed it with water the first day and choked it down. I’m sorry, it was disgusting! I literally gagged my way through drinking it. I took it with a daily multivitamin (from Costco) and went on with my day. I was AMAZED at the difference! I was energized throughout the whole day! I was simultaneously thinking YAY!! and Ah, man! I have to gag my way through this everyday!!

I tried different ways to take the powder. I tried putting it into different juice or smoothies (only to have it ruin juice and smoothies for me). Finally, the solution came to me. I would stuff it into capsules and take it like a pill! So I got online to order capsules and a capsule filler. (A capsule filler is really worth it with these! Otherwise it takes 5 times longer to stuff the pills by hand.)

FullSizeRender 15.jpg


I started filling the capsules and taking 6 capsules every morning with a multivitamin. (6 capsules equaled about half a scoop of powder.) I am still amazed at the difference I feel in my energy levels! I have convinced both my husband and my father that they need to be taking these every day!

FullSizeRender 16.jpg

I store the capsules in a the fridge in an air tight container.

My dad tried to take it without a multivitamin and didn’t experience quite the burst of energy as normal. I since figured out that the superfood isn’t this miracle vitamin that you take to give you energy, it’s a supplement you take to help you absorb nutrients you get from your multivitamin and diet. (I also noticed a huge decrease in head aches. I think that my head aches were largely due to my lack of sufficient nutrient absorption.)

After two years, I still faithfully take Amazing Grass Green Superfood. (I even checked with my obstetrician about taking it during pregnancy and got the green light! Although, I took it with a prenatal vitamin instead of a multivitamin.) This supplement has changed my quality of life so much! I has kept me energized throughout teaching, pregnancy, and keeping up with my very energetic baby! I recommend it to anyone who has tried and failed in other natural ways to get energized throughout the day!

Happy energizing! Cheers!

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4 thoughts on “The ‘More Energy’ Supplement

  1. Tanner Tolman says:

    Jess this is great! I’ve been trying to stay off soda, but it’s so hard because i feel like i can’t function without the extra energy. I’ll have to order some of this stuff and try it out.

    • says:

      YES! Let me know what you think! Before regularly taking this, I had a caffeine problem. I would buy those Crystal Light packets with caffeine and would get headaches if I skipped a day. Since then, my headaches have gone down and my energy up. It’s crazy what the body can do when properly fed. 🙂

  2. Carrie says:

    I love this stuff! I mix it in with my smoothies but didn’t even think about putting it into capsules…..BRILLIANT!!!

    • says:

      Ha ha! I tried the smoothie thing… didn’t take. But I have heard of other people liking it that way! 🙂

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